Monday, 16 June 2014

Return of the Cricketers

   My first finished model post, it's been 7 posts, but here it is. 

So first up are the South Essex Cricket Club players, club doctor and umpire. The normal 10 man unit will be able to count as riflemen and as militia depending on what I need them to be, while the umpire and doctor will probably join the command unit for their brigade (spotter and medic?).

very british civil war, vbcw, sloppy jalopy cricketers

Next up is the transport for my BUF mercenaries. They are getting grey shirts so giving the same treatment to their transport made sense. I need to find my transfers to give it BUF markings and give it a driver but other than that it will do the job perfectly.
very british civil war vbcw 28mm armoured van vehicle

Last up are my Killa Kanz. I still want to use these guys to try out weather powders but as there is a very real risk I will ruin them doing it I thought I would get these photos up first. Maybe do a before and after post?
40k ork killa kanz warhammer

Over all I am pleased with the amount I managed to get finished this weekend and I am especially pleased with the better picture quality my new camera is achieving. 

Thanks for reading, hopefully I will have some more posts fairly shortly.


  1. Love the beautiful minis on the first picture!

  2. What a great post Mike, I adore those cricketers and will have to get some soon. I nearly missed this post as I can't follow you by URL, something about reaching my limit. The only way I'll know what you are up to is either to remember to stop by or if you add a follower's gadget.

    1. Hi again Michael.
      Thanks for your persistence in trying to help. If this new gadget doesn't work then i am out of ideas.
      Thanks for the positive comments as well, those figures were a joy to paint, really hope the company has a bigger range in the pipework.

    2. Hi Michael,

      I've followed a tutorial and I now have a followers gadget. That was not as easy to do as you would think as it seems google has disabled new users from being able to put a new one on.

    3. You cracked it! Well done Mike, now if I can just get Blogger to stop messing with my reading list, I should never miss a post!