Monday 9 June 2014

Broadside 2014

    I was at Broadside 2014 on Sunday and I got a few photos that I thought might be interesting for anyone who didn't get a chance to go:

Broadside 2014 wargame
The hall in full swing

Broadside 2014 Dead man's hand
Dead man's hand

Broadside 2014 Crush the kaiser
Crush the Kaiser

Broadside 2014 The taking of Akaba
The taking of Akaba

Broadside 2014

Broadside 2014 Dead Man's hand board scenery
Dead Man's Hand

Broadside 2014 Bushido wargame
      The show had a decent mix of big tables playing fairly major battles down to tiny skirmish games on boards that might only be a foot square. There was also a big range in what eras and genres were being played with everything from ACW naval ironclads, space battles, fantasy and historical land battles. Other than the hall being too hot, I would say it was a really good show.


  1. Beautiful pics, seems to be a great day!

  2. Hi Phil,
    It was a really good little show. Good games and good trade support.
    I'm really glad I went.