Thursday 12 June 2014

Painting desk 2

     After spending ages taking pictures of the models on my painting desk and then writing a blog about them, to get this whole blog writing thing going, I can now happily report that almost a week later those models are sitting on my desk in much the same condition as the blog last week shows them.
      However, I do have something to show for my weekend's painting efforts;

 First up are the models I bought on Sunday at broadside the great war miniatures British command and the traffic warden and St. John's ambulance medic pack from crooked dice, the figures from both will be spread between the command units of both Albertine and BUF factions. Also shown are the Mutton Chops figures to finish off my South African riflemen unit. 

Next up are some toys I bought on ebay. I'm not sure how I am going to split these up yet but I am really looking forward to painting them up for my vbcw armies.
vbcw armoured vehicles

vbcw armoured vehicles

One of these will be given to the South African rifles as their transport, as they will be used in games other than just vbcw.
vbcw armoured vehicles

Last up are the cause of my interest in vbcw, the Sloppy Jalopy cricketers. I know these guys are doing the rounds of the internet at the moment, everyone seems to own and pack, so hopefully we will see more figures like these in the future. Mine are on the verge of being finished, and I will do a proper blog on them then, but I am pleased with how they are looking now. 
vbcw sloppy jalopy cricketers

Until next time, thanks for reading this

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