Monday, 5 February 2018

Sons of Horus Tactical Squad 3 + Friends

   This post is going to make it look like I have done an extraordinary amount of painting in the last week or so, but actually it is all a lie, I have managed about 11 models since the 20th*, but because I am painting up a few members of different squads at anyone time it might only take the one man to allow me to post a finished squad - exactly what has happened here.

*The normal work, trip and
one hell of a cold.

   First up is another base of mob for Gangs of Rome - this time using a mostly red theme. As with my Dark Ages projects, the mob will be mixed up so the single colour bases will be lost into the whole mix, painting a single dominate colour makes the whole project much quicker and simpler while not ruining the end effect. This base isn't just made up of 'official figures' but includes some from Wargames Foundry's range just to mix up the poses a bit.
   I have some scenery half finished and my first couple of fighters built, so I should start being able to blog about the more interesting bits soon, but I wanted to get as much of the mob done before I did too much else as they are likely to fall by the wayside otherwise.

sons of horus captain capt hq centurian

   Next is my Sons of Horus captain. My style is rarely to have leaders that are mega over the top in the way GW loves to do - so the massive helmet, cloak and huge stylised shoulder pads were a no go for me. The body is a limited edition Alpha Legion captain while the rest of the bits are from my 30k bits box. I gave him a shaved head and top-knot to really emphasis the Sons of Horus thing, extended the axe to make it him stand out from the ranks and gave him a subtle chaos star on his leg to start to show that these are not the loyal troops they once were.

   Next is my 3rd Tactical marines squad, this one with extra close combat weapons (an option they can have - not obvious from this photo but they are on their backpacks). I used far more MKIII armour in this squad than in the other two as the thought was that these are the objective holders and reserves, holding what has been claimed while the 1st and 2rnd squads push forward to capture, so they will have less frequent casualties.

Sons of horus landraider land raider MKIIB

    Last, but definitely not least, is the first Landraider for this army. In 30k Landraiders are a big deal, being much closer to the standard transport of the legion than the rhino is in 40k, and the Sons of Horus, who always got the best equipment, took this to a whole new level. My funds, however, don't quite stretch to matching the Son's equipment lists but I knew I needed at least one in my force, but I will say for those who are looking at picking this part resin kit up, it is a beast to put together.
   In the future, I would like to add a 1st company detachment to this force; Horus himself, a couple of squads of Justcarian and a couple of their own Landraiders, so expect to see more of these then!


  1. Lovly work Mike! I'm working on first Gangs of Rome minis too ;)

    1. Thanks Michal. I look forward to seeing yours!

  2. The landraider looks very effective.

    1. Thanks Phil, effectiveness is something we shall find out in due course.