Friday 23 June 2023

The Possessed

   Again, why am I painting these when I have other projects that are far more important? I'm still on a 40k buzz, so I'm listening to The Talon Of Horus which feature a unit of possessed chaos space marines* in it's cast and it got me thinking about the unit I had sitting on the shelf behind me waiting for their turn on the paint station.

*no spoilers further than that

   I've bought at least a couple of boxes of possessed marines over the years, mostly for parts to sprinkle into other units, and while I have used a unit of them in games in the past, I converted more subtle versions as to be entirely honest, painting the official ones made me nervous. This unit is made from some left over bits on my latest sprue and a raid of my bits box, so there are parts from a modern Deathguard marine, old Khorne berserker, chaos spawn sprue and who knows what else, I've just made sure not to add anything that isn't fully chaos.

   Painting wise, I decided to embrace the chaotic mutations and give different colours to them. I wanted to show that these guys haven't been given well thought out blessing - this isn't a pair of wings for a jump pack lord or better armour for a front line champion - but a out of pure mutations from a variety of sources. Some have more subtle mutations while others are on the verge of going full spawn.

chaos space marine possessed

  While I was painting red and brass, I decided to knock out another model for the same project that has been sitting behind me long enough to get a layer of dust. When the new plastic kits started being released for the Horus Heresy, instead of jumping to buy them for my 30k armies I decided I wanted some for my chaos instead. Money being what it is, I limited myself to a Deimos Rhino in an attempt to show the age of my warband and add a bit of interest.

chaos deimos rhino horus heresy

   Painting these guys has really made me want a box of chaos spawn I can go nuts with, but I've got to be good.

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