Saturday 10 June 2023

The Swarm Pt 6

   In a break from painting gaunt sized swarm members I've instead done something, if anything, slightly more swarm-y, Rippers and a birthing site.

   Rippers are the quintessential Tyranid swarm, with multiple models on a single base, I've put 4 on a 40mm base to match what will be coming in the new edition starter box. The figures come from various Tyranid sprues, the termagaunt box has 6 rippers, Warriors have 1 or 2 if I remember right and Genstealers have another 2 as well. I do think it is a tad shame that other sets don't have a ripper on them as well - like the Deathguard range and their nurglings - having a Carnifex sprue ripper in a swarm would be cool.
   From the collection I have built up, I currently have 7 bases of Rippers with a pair of single ones left over to start future bases or to go on the bases of bigger monsters.

  The other thing I painted up at this point was a big base of Tyranid themed scenery. This is supposed to be an on world birthing chamber, where the swarm replenishes itself without needing to take biomass from the ships in orbit.
   I decided that it made more sense to do it as part of my jungle terrain - this might bite me in the future - but in the campaign I am aiming to run, the jungle has the most available biomass to hand, so this is where I think the Tyranids would set these things up. In game it will provide an objective for the Imperial forces to try and destroy rather than every game being a fight over a distinctive looking tree.
   The bits are 3d printed from someone on eBay, although the more I look at it the more I think it needs something else.

It does make me realise I really need to do a few more bases of jungle terrain now, especially as we have less than a week to the new edition . . .

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