Monday 19 June 2023

The Swarm Pt 7

   I won't lie, I am getting tired of painting gaunt sized aliens now and this unit has been a real slog to push through, but the point of painting so many of this type of model as fast as I could and as early in this process as I could was that I knew this would happen, so I've already broken the back of the project. Even if I give up for a bit now, I've got 48 Termagaunts, 12 Hormagaunts and 10 Gargoyles painted up, which is a decent horde.

   This unit came from Troll Trader pre built, and judging by the weird grey of the bare plastic, stripped from whatever colour scheme they had before. This is why they have the adrenal gland son their backs that I've not done with the ones I've built - feels like a waste of points on a bullet fodder unit to me! Otherwise, I've painted these to match the rest of the horde and will let the red on their backs add a bit of variety to the sea of green and bone.

   This is the first post in it's own time for a while as the past few have all been based on stuff I painted a month or more ago. I do now have Leviathan on order and will probably be painting bits of that whenever I have the time to spare but first things first, time to paint something I'll enjoy a bit more.

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